Speakers In Category: Women's Rights

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  • Firuzeh Mahmoudi

    Firuzeh Mahmoudi

    Iranian-American tech entrepreneur, founder and director of United for Iran.

  • Denis Mukwege

    Denis Mukwege

    Congolese gynecologist and the founder and medical director of Panzi Hospital.

  • Rachana Sunar

    Rachana Sunar

    Nepalese women’s rights activist and founder of the Sambad Center.

  • Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

    Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

    Pakistani journalist and filmmaker.

  • Arzina Begum

    Arzina Begum

    Child marriage abolitionist from Bangladesh.

  • Manal  al-Sharif

    Manal al-Sharif

    Pioneering Saudi women’s rights activist and co-founder of the Women2Drive campaign.

  • Sima Samar

    Sima Samar

    Afghan physician and the first women’s affairs minister of the post-Taliban government.

  • Maryam Faghihimani

    Maryam Faghihimani

    Iranian human rights scholar and activist.

  • Rebiya Kadeer

    Rebiya Kadeer

    Prominent Uyghur leader, entrepreneur, and former political prisoner.

  • Mukhtar Mai

    Mukhtar Mai

    Pakistani women’s rights advocate and author.

  • Lubna al-Hussein

    Lubna al-Hussein

    Sudanese journalist persecuted in 2009 for wearing trousers.

  • Alaa Murabit

    Alaa Murabit

    Libyan human rights advocate and founder of The Voice of Libyan Women, an NGO that aims to involve more women in conflict mediation.

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