Speakers In Category: East Asia and the Pacific

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  • Wai Wai Nu

    Wai Wai Nu

    Rohingya Burmese activist and former political prisoner.

  • Grace Jo

    Grace Jo

    North Korean defector and vice president of North Korean Refugees in the USA (NKinUSA).

  • Yeonmi Park

    Yeonmi Park

    North Korean defector, student, and expert on the country's black market economy.

  • Shui-Meng Ng

    Shui-Meng Ng

    Singaporean activist and wife of disappeared Laotian civil society leader Sombath Somphone.

  • Anastasia Lin

    Anastasia Lin

    Chinese-Canadian actress and beauty pageant competitor.

  • Sophal Ear

    Sophal Ear

    Political scientist, development economist, and survivor of the Cambodian genocide.

  • Ji Seong-ho

    Ji Seong-ho

    North Korean refugee and president of Now Action and Unity for Human Rights, an NGO that advocates for a free North Korea.

  • Park Sang Hak

    Park Sang Hak

    North Korean defector and democracy activist.

  • Thich Quang Do

    Thich Quang Do

    Vietnamese Buddhist monk, rights advocate, and political prisoner.

  • Sakdiyah Ma’ruf

    Sakdiyah Ma’ruf

    Indonesian stand-up comedian.

  • Ai Weiwei

    Ai Weiwei

    Chinese artist and dissident.

  • Jung Gwang-il

    Jung Gwang-il

    North Korean defector, former political prisoner, and founder of No Chain.

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