Speakers In Category: Democracy and Rule of Law

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  • Natalia  Pelevine

    Natalia Pelevine

    British-Russian playwright, theater director, and opposition activist.

  • Ahmed  al-Omran

    Ahmed al-Omran

    Saudi multimedia journalist and author of the popular blog, “Saudi Jeans.”

  • Amir Ahmad  Nasr

    Amir Ahmad Nasr

    Sudanese blogger and digital media and marketing consultant.

  • Jestina  Mukoko

    Jestina Mukoko

    Zimbabwean human rights activist and director of the Zimbabwe Peace Project.

  • Ausama  Monajed

    Ausama Monajed

    Exiled Syrian dissident and director of the Strategic Research and Communication Center.

  • Rebecca  MacKinnon

    Rebecca MacKinnon

    American journalist, digital rights activist, and co-founder of Global Voices.

  • Maryam  al-Khawaja

    Maryam al-Khawaja

    Bahraini human rights activist and head of the foreign relations office for the Bahrain Center for Human Rights.

  • Garry  Kasparov

    Garry Kasparov

    Russian chess champion and pro-democracy advocate.

  • Asma  Jahangir

    Asma Jahangir

    Pakistani human rights lawyer and advocate for the rights of women, minorities, and children.

  • Ghazi  Gheblawi

    Ghazi Gheblawi

    Libyan blogger, author, and activist.

  • Abebe  Gellaw

    Abebe Gellaw

    Exiled Ethiopian journalist and founder of Addis Voice.

  • Andrew  Feinstein

    Andrew Feinstein

    South African scholar and author of “The Shadow World,” an exposé of the global arms trade.

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