Speakers In Category: Conflict and War

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  • Tom Burgis

    Tom Burgis

    English author, journalist, and investigative correspondent for the Financial Times.

  • Ji Seong-ho

    Ji Seong-ho

    North Korean refugee and president of Now Action and Unity for Human Rights, an NGO that advocates for a free North Korea.

  • Jody Williams

    Jody Williams

    American Nobel Laureate and director of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines.

  • Sima Samar

    Sima Samar

    Afghan physician and the first women’s affairs minister of the post-Taliban government.

  • Andrés Velasco

    Andrés Velasco

    Economist, development expert, and former finance minister of Chile.

  • Samuel Kofi Woods

    Samuel Kofi Woods

    Liberian journalist, rights advocate, and politician.

  • Aminatou Haidar

    Aminatou Haidar

    Sahrawi human rights activist.

  • Sandra  Rodríguez Nieto

    Sandra Rodríguez Nieto

    Mexican journalist who has written extensively on the Mexican drug war.

  • Lidia Yusupova

    Lidia Yusupova

    Chechen lawyer and human rights activist.

  • Ian Birrell

    Ian Birrell

    British columnist, foreign correspondent, and contributing editor at the Mail on Sunday.

  • Gilbert Tuhabonye

    Gilbert Tuhabonye

    Burundian athlete and survivor of genocide.

  • Diego Arria

    Diego Arria

    Venezuelan diplomat, former chairman of the United Nations Security Council.

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