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Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian 貝書穎

China reporter at Axios and author

Axios 網路媒體的中國專題記者與作家

Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian is the China reporter at Axios and the author of “Beijing Rules: How China Weaponized Its Economy to Confront the World,” named by the Financial Times as one of the Top 15 best business books of the year. Before joining Axios, Allen-Ebrahimian served as the lead reporter for the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ China Cables project, a major leak of classified Chinese government documents revealing the inner workings of mass internment camps in the Uyghur Region. She was an editor and contributing reporter at Foreign Policy magazine and a national security reporter at The Daily Beast. After spending four years in China, she’s now based in Taipei, Taiwan.

貝書穎(Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian)是Axios網路媒體的中國專題記者,也是《北京統治:中國如何將經濟武器化來對抗世界》一書的作者。該書被英國《金融時報》評為年度最佳15本商業書籍之一。在加入Axios之前,貝書穎曾擔任國際調查記者聯盟「中國電報」計畫的首席記者,該計畫專門處理外洩的中國政府重大機密文件,揭露新疆大規模拘留營的內部運作情況。在這之前,貝書穎曾擔任《外交政策》雜誌的編輯和特約記者,以及《野獸日報》主責國家安全議題的記者。貝書穎在中國工作了四年。現居台灣台北。

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