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Antonio Rodiles

Antonio Rodiles is a pro-democracy activist in Cuba, and the leader of Estado de STATS. Before his career in activism, Rodiles earned a PhD in Physics and worked as a college professor at Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College. When Rodiles returned to Cuba in 2010, he was angered to find how strongly the government-mandated limits on free speech persisted. He founded Estado de STATS, a forum for cultural and political dialogue among intellectuals and artists in Cuba; in organizing interviews, panels, and film screenings that challenged Cuba’s human rights violations, Rodiles led a charge for freedom. Rodiles’ work to inspire change continued in 2012 with “For Another Cuba,” a campaign asking the government to ratify the UN’s International Covenants on Human Rights. Just months after this campaign, Rodiles and fellow activists were arrested for their dissent; Rodiles was kept in detainment for 19 days. Now, Rodiles continues his advocacy as one of Cuba’s most prominent political dissidents.

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