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Andrew Feinstein

Andrew Feinstein is an academic, writer, and former member of the South African Parliament. Feinstein was elected to the South African Parliament as a member of the African National Congress (ANC) in 1994. As a parliamentarian, Feinstein investigated and exposed a massive and corrupt arms deal that implicated top government officials. He resigned from parliament in 2001, to protest the ANC government’s refusal to allow an unfettered investigation into the £5 billion arms deal. He is the author of two internationally acclaimed books, “The Shadow World,” behind-the-scenes exposé of the global arms trade that examines the deadly collusion between senior politicians, weapons manufacturers, and arms dealers;and his personal memoir, “After the Party: Corruption, the ANC and South Africa’s Uncertain Future”. Feinstein was an Open Society Institute fellow and has appeared regularly in a variety of print and broadcast media, including the BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN, NPR, The Guardian and The New York Times. Feinstein lives in London where he works as a campaigner, writer, and advisor to corruption investigations. He is a founder of Corruption Watch U.K., an organization that monitors and exposes corporate bribery and its impacts on governance, democracy and development. He is currently creating a web-based resource on the global arms trade for use by civil society groups, watchdogs, elected representatives, activists, and journalists. He is also chairman of the Friends of the Treatment Action Campaign, a U.K.-based charity fighting for the rights of people with HIV/AIDS.

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