Pedro X. Molina

Nicaraguan cartoonist and journalist

Pedro Xavier Molina, born in Estelí, Nicaragua, is a political cartoonist focused primarily on depicting the abuses of the Nicaraguan government. Molina escaped Nicaragua during the country’s Civil War at the age of 10. As the situation in Nicaragua worsened under Daniel Ortega’s control, Molina started publishing political cartoons criticizing the regime in publications like Barricada and later Confidencial. In 2018, he went into exile in the United States after Confidencial’s headquarters were attacked by Ortega’s police; one journalist was killed and two others detained. Today, Molina resides in Ithaca, where he teaches at Ithaca College and is involved in the Ithaca City of Asylum, an organization that welcomes at-risk artists and writers. In 2018, he received the Inter American Press Association Cartoonist Category Award, and in 2023, he received the Václav Havel Prize for Creative Dissent.

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