Ghazi Gheblawi

Libyan author and blogger

Ghazi Gheblawi is a Libyan author, blogger, activist, and physician. In 2004, he co-founded the Libya Alyoum (Libya Today) online newspaper and served as cultural editor until 2009. His award-winning blog, Imtidad, focuses on cultural and social issues in Libya and the Arab world. From the beginning of the Libyan uprising, Gheblawi gathered information and verified reports from activists inside and outside of Libya using social media networks. In 2006, he began producing the Imtidad Cultural Podcast, a popular Arabic-language podcast that provided analyses of important news and opinions via interviews with intellectuals and writers. Gheblawi has also published two collections of short stories and poems in Arabic. In 2015, Gheblawi became a Council Member Society for Libyan Studies, and was a judge for The Caine Prize for African Writing in 2017. Gheblawi currently lives in the United Kingdom.

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