Panels & Workshops

Defeating the Enablers

June 3, 2024

This panel will dive into all the ways so-called ""enablers"" in democracies — lawyers, accountants, public relations specialists, consultants, and more — help authoritarian regimes launder their money, access policy-makers in democracies, and avoid sanctions. As we know, modern kleptocracy and corruption aren't limited by national borders. Instead, kleptocrats rely on ""enablers"" to do their bidding, strengthen their regimes, and threaten democracies in the process.


Aage Borchgrevink

Aage Borchgrevink

Senior adviser, Norwegian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights

Yaqiu Wang

Research director for China, Freedom House
Bill Browder

Bill Browder

Founder and CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, head of the Global Magnitsky Justice Campaign, and author

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