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HRF’s Financial Freedom track will take place on June 15th at Árdna, located at the SALT festival area on the Oslofjord, near the Opera House.

The program will focus on how human rights advocates, democracy movements, and independent journalists worldwide are using Bitcoin, privacy technology, and decentralized communications tools in their work as an alternative to existing systems

Full schedule and details to be released soon.

The program is accessible with any Oslo Freedom Forum ticket: patron badges, interactive passes, and sponsorship packages are on sale here.

At this gathering, no one cares whether the tyranny is red or black. All they care about is that tyranny be opposed and defeated, and that freedom prevails.

Jay Nordlinger of National Review

You can find regular updates about the 2023 Oslo Freedom Forum on our Twitter and Instagram

If you are interested in attending as a member of the media, please contact [email protected].

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