2018 Oslo Freedom Forum

Oslo, Norway May 28 – May 30, 2018

The 2018 Oslo Freedom Forum (OFF) marks the 10th anniversary of a unique gathering of the world's bravest human rights activists with creative entrepreneurs, intrepid reporters, cutting-edge technologists, and bold artists, united by their commitment to making today's world more peaceful, prosperous, and free. 

OFF has evolved from an annual human rights event into a thriving international community with satellite events in cities like New York and San Francisco.

The 2018 Oslo Freedom Forum will feature even more powerful stories of courage, struggle, perseverance, and resilience in the face of tyranny. We will celebrate the real-life heroes who have become an essential global human rights community that has broken barriers between nations and united activists in the struggle for freedom.


The 2018 Oslo Freedom Forum will begin on Monday, May 28, with the Tech Lab and Interactive Expo

Participants at the  Interactive Expo will explore a range of interactive exhibits from organizations including Twitter, ConsenSys, Innovation Norway, Yubico, Truepic, News Deeply, Democracy Interrupted, FIREWALL, 1979, Motley's Law, Whistler, NetBlocks, Citizen Lab, Mariama Camara, Thule, Fashion4Freedom, Source Map, Article 22, DEAR LEADER, and Remake. HRF will also exhibit several of its own programs, including Flash Drives for Freedom, Wear Your Values, and Art in Protest. Participants will experience several pop-up events, including a fashion show with brands committed to promoting transparency in the supply chain.

The Tech Lab will feature talks, workshops, panels, and the Activist Tech Bar. We will explore how technology can advance human rights and democracy, focusing on encryption, citizen journalism, blockchain, internet freedom, and more. We will also look at how technology is being manipulated by repressive regimes to censor, control, and surveil citizens across the world. It will include:

  • The Activist Tech Bar
    • A space where dissidents, journalists, and conference attendees can book 30-minute slots with experts to review the safety and security of their phones, computers, and digital lifestyles, featuring representatives from AnchorFree, Google Jigsaw, Citizen Lab’s Security Planner, Private Internet Access, Nothing2Hide, Access Now, and more.
  • Panel - Blockchain vs. the Surveillance State
    • Featuring Blockstack co-founder Ryan Shea, Bancor co-founder Galia Benartzi, Orchid founder Steve Waterhouse, and Tezos co-founder Kathleen Breitman.
  • Panel - The Dark Side of Tech
    • Featuring WIRED editor David Rowan in conversation with Buzzfeed China bureau chief Megha Rajagopalan, Center for Social Media Responsibility chief technologist Aviv Ovyada, and Accenture responsible AI global lead Rumman Chowdhury.
  • Panel - A New Lifeline for Non-Profits at Risk
    • Featuring Consensys Social Impact leaders Ben Siegel and Ariana Fowler, MakerDAO CEO Rune Christensen, and Dether co-founder Hamid Benyahia.
  • Panel - Humanitarian Innovation: Myth or Reality?
    • Featuring Innovation Norway and Vox's Ben Pauker in a conversation with World Identity Network founder Mariana Dahan, Diwala CEO Thea Sommerseth, and Truepic CEO Jeff McGregor.
  • Panel - Tech for Good
    • Join the Kavli Trust for a conversation moderated by entrepreneur and investor Silvija Seres. 
  • Workshops 
    • Learn how to maximize your voice on social media, how to successfully launch a non profit, and how to give an engaging talk for your advocacy, featuring experts from Twitter, Stanford University, Ignite, and more.


The Oslo Freedom Forum is open only to registered participants. Learn more and apply to attend  here.

Events will be live-streamed at oslofreedomforum.com and you can follow along on social media for on-the-ground coverage. 

Please contact info@oslofreedomforum.com with any questions.

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