La Fábrica del Crimen


Vicente is a teenager who, together with two of his schoolmates, murders his father, mother and sister; the first, with two shots and the women, with stab wounds. He intends to fake a kidnapping by the drug trafficker and ask for a ransom from his mother's family. He is sure that nothing will happen to him because most of the crimes committed in his town, Ciudad Juárez, go unpunished. Based on real events and after intense research, Sandra Rodríguez Nieto interweaves the life of Vicente and his entry into the Artistas Asesinos gang, with the growing deterioration of life in Juárez: the war situation, the cynicism of the authorities, the drug messages, the beheadings and, above all, the absolute impunity of criminals, who have woven an entire network of complicities through corruption.

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