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Bitcoin Academy 

The Bitcoin Academy will run on October 4 and 5 at the New World Theater in Miami Beach, Florida. It will be one of three main programming tracks at the 2021 Oslo Freedom Forum alongside Theater and Interactive, taking place in a dedicated Bitcoin Room.

World-class Bitcoin educators, entrepreneurs, engineers, and digital security experts will meet human rights activists, journalists, policymakers, philanthropists, and creatives to give examples of Bitcoin use around the world and show how to use Bitcoin as safely and securely as possible.

Programming will focus on global Bitcoin adoption, the political history of Bitcoin, getting hands-on with the Lightning Network, learning how to receive donations and income in Bitcoin, learning how to spend your Bitcoin, learning how to sell Bitcoin for fiat currency, learning how to use Bitcoin privately, learning about leveling up your security with multi-sig, discussing who controls Bitcoin, why Bitcoin mining is important, and sharing lessons from El Zonte about how to build a Bitcoin community.

Bitcoin Academy Presenters and Instructors

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Bitcoin Academy Schedule

October 4th, New World Theater

2:00pm Why Bitcoin Matters for Human Rights
2:45pm Bitcoin’s Activist History
3:30pm How Lightning Can Bring Financial Freedom to Billions
4:15pm The Lightning Network: Hands-on Workshop
5:00pm How to Accept Bitcoin Donations and Income
5:30pm How to Spend Your Bitcoin

October 5th, New World Theater

2:00pm Bitcoin in the Developing World
3:00pm Being Your Own Bank
3:30pm Using Bitcoin Privately
4:15pm Who Controls Bitcoin
4:45pm Why is Bitcoin Mining Important
5:30pm Building a Bitcoin Community

More details about the speakers and overall program will be released weekly on our Twitter and Instagram.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities at the Oslo Freedom Forum, please contact [email protected].

If you are interested in attending as a member of the media, please contact [email protected].

The Oslo Freedom Forum is a program of the Human Rights Foundation and is made possible in part thanks to the ongoing generous support of sponsors such as the Sergey Brin Family Foundation, the John Templeton Foundation, the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Twitter, the City of Oslo, Kavli Trust, Unlikely Collaborators, and Amazon.

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