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The Oslo Freedom Forum is a global conference series produced by the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), that brings together the world’s most engaging human rights advocates, journalists, artists, tech entrepreneurs, and world leaders to share their stories and brainstorm ways to expand freedom and unleash human potential across the globe.

The Oslo Freedom Forum seeks to


Human rights activists with

incredible stories.

Since 2009, dissidents have come from across the world to educate, share, and inspire at the Human Rights Foundation’s annual conference, the Oslo Freedom Forum.


Total speakers


Combined years in jail as prisoners of conscience


Nobel Peace Prize laureates


Heads of state


Views of talks


Countries represented

Testimonials from Attendees

Fred BaumaCongolese human rights activist and 2019 HRF Freedom Fellow

For activists, the Oslo Freedom Forum is the place to find new reasons to continue fighting for democracy, for liberty, for freedom, because you realize how many people are doing the work in their countries, and you feel really proud to be part of the community.

Diego ArriaVenezuelan diplomat and former chairman of the United Nations Security Council

I've never met so many men and women with so much commitment to courage, to freedom, and to human rights. I share your hopes, and I am extremely grateful for having been invited to the Oslo Freedom Forum which is a magnificent way to embrace humanity.

Václav HavelFirst Czech president and first HRF chairman

The Oslo Freedom Forum creates understanding between human rights defenders from very different countries, from Burma to Belarus to Cuba.

Samuel Kofi WoodsFormer Liberian Minister of Labor

The Oslo Freedom Forum for me vindicates years of struggle around the world. It confirms the universality of the struggle for justice and human rights. It testifies how international solidarity remains an indispensable tool for the international human rights movement.

Dessale BerekhetJournalist and founding member of PEN Eritrea

The Oslo Freedom Forum was amazingly incredible. Every word uttered by these Peaceful Fighters had a great meaning for me.